so young to be tired so tired got younger

- 9 9 9. happy scorch atlas day.

- i start a new job tomorrow. am nervous. will need to relearn conversation and circadian rhythm. will need to limit tea intake to under five cups per hour. and no more snorting lines off the interns.

- there is a fan-severed fly corpse on the floor and i am leaving it there to remind me of how cliche televised funerals are becoming. i named him cornelius. i saw him happening toward death, tried to save him but he happened too quickly into the fan. pathos everywhere.

- i like this post by molly and the ensuing discussion. which reminds me of something entirely unrelated. i think wherever narrative is chronology or linearity, i am tired of narrative also. but narrative is many things. i too wonder whether the word narrative, what it wants to mean, is obsolete. i think narrative as understood sometimes becomes something elastic, and much like a label. i am reluctant to say everything is narrative and reluctant to say nothing is narrative. the word seems too easily rationalized. i considered dada. i considered whether there were words in the english language that can be placed on a page which are not anchors. like the word 'the' anchors something spatially and the word 'if' anchors something in time. maybe there are no words that are not anchors. maybe there is no answer other than just let language happen and evolve and nothing else matters. there is plenty of nothing from which many somethings will out. when there is nothing make more.

- some guy was twittering in congress. then larry king wore a rainbow pastel tie. real men wear rainbow pastel ties. except for the tie part.

- elimae and decomp this month are pocket-sized, but lethal. i like this by ravi mangla, this by lydia copeland.

- 1504. j'adore.


  1. Interesting thoughts on anchors. I think I side more with the "let words be magic and let them alone" kind of stance.

  2. I read speak easy symmetry today, thanks for creating those poems. I especially liked + the escapist. Good luck with your new job.

  3. "jobs are the worst but i don't like not having one" (but imagine i said it pithier)

  4. Word, good luck with the job. Working can be shit if it's not something you're totally dedicated to or obsessed with, and even then (I’m not sure if I really mean that). I can honestly ‘say’ the same about conversation…

  5. dj, i agree. i don't think words like to be micromanaged. they work best when let be.

    ben, thank you for reading and for the well wishes. you have impeccable film and music taste, by the by.

    crispin, in my head i am projecting great pith onto said statement. though i think my most productive times have been during unemployment. you win for knowing the wonder of sparklehorse, by the by.

    eric, thanks yo. i agree entirely. if i cannot become invested in my toils on some level, the novelty wears off quickly and i start looking for exits. probably why i am destitute. small talk also makes me violently ill. however i have already been offered roses by my boss and stale melted chocolate (found under the seat of a car) by my colleague. so i can be optimistic.

    ryan, if you see him, tell that zombie he owes me 50 shekels for wine.

  6. They're already making moves? Males are silly creatures. It's sad human male courtship isn't as elaborate or beautiful as, say, a bird of paradise, or something...