i wish i had a horse's head; a tiger's heart; an apple bed

a series of redshifts

plenty gum soured in the cheek; half-hardened;

plenty remold wanting
plenty spit wanting
crowded palette; mostly distaste for gum

i will await the legalization of marriage to music. in the interim i will marry a six-legged cat who treats me badly. i will be popular in missionary-plagued countries. my profession will be taking bets on whether the human race succeeds in colonizing the jovian moons before the sun engulfs the earth. i will have 50 million years of job security.

heavy rotations of sparklehorse, grizzly bear, four tet. circling by the latter goes koyaanisqatsiward in influence i think. saturday by the former churns acidities in me today.

drunk all of LIT #17 & licking the bottle. deep digging sasha fletcher & anne boyer.

some news older than larry king

> kill author 5 (octavio paz) featuring eric beeny, molly gaudry, marvin k. mooney & & &

two things in/along/side madmen & madwomen i respect in pear noir! 3; and a carte postale about martin scorsese; and kgm's carte postale which is maybe my favourite thing by her ever

pank 4 i am told is circulating by owl express. happy to be nested there & excited for it to crash my mailbox

& rejection section. what's your confection?

& speak of cats, this at diagram

& a bewildering kindness; being an apospecimen award from a cappella zoo; thank you colin & else

tahiti 2.0