i wish i had a horse's head; a tiger's heart; an apple bed

a series of redshifts

plenty gum soured in the cheek; half-hardened;

plenty remold wanting
plenty spit wanting
crowded palette; mostly distaste for gum

i will await the legalization of marriage to music. in the interim i will marry a six-legged cat who treats me badly. i will be popular in missionary-plagued countries. my profession will be taking bets on whether the human race succeeds in colonizing the jovian moons before the sun engulfs the earth. i will have 50 million years of job security.

heavy rotations of sparklehorse, grizzly bear, four tet. circling by the latter goes koyaanisqatsiward in influence i think. saturday by the former churns acidities in me today.

drunk all of LIT #17 & licking the bottle. deep digging sasha fletcher & anne boyer.

some news older than larry king

> kill author 5 (octavio paz) featuring eric beeny, molly gaudry, marvin k. mooney & & &

two things in/along/side madmen & madwomen i respect in pear noir! 3; and a carte postale about martin scorsese; and kgm's carte postale which is maybe my favourite thing by her ever

pank 4 i am told is circulating by owl express. happy to be nested there & excited for it to crash my mailbox

& rejection section. what's your confection?

& speak of cats, this at diagram

& a bewildering kindness; being an apospecimen award from a cappella zoo; thank you colin & else

tahiti 2.0


  1. oh my god, those fingernails.

    "i will marry a six legged cat who treats me badly." haha.

  2. You haven't received PANK 4? Should be there by now. Will send new copies.

  3. head is full of koyanisqaatsi voice now
    it would be ok to have that voice constantly
    i would like to talk to you about collective nouns with that voice, audri

  4. kathryn, i am curious to meet someone halfway toward earning that particular guinness title. and that cat does look like a sadist.

    roxane, negatory. but in fairness i live in the mouth of a volcano where irregular post schedules can be expected. if it arrives by saturday i will let you know to call off the mission.

    big thanks your way. i should buy & fedex you a drink.

    crispin, if i was a telemarketer for fisher-price products i would want the koyaanisqatsi voice constantly. i would like very much to discuss a gaggle of geese with you.

  5. huge congrats, audri. you and ink are good friends these days.

  6. mel, i am just using ink to get to your and eric's beards.

  7. The tendrils of our beards are outstretched like arms to welcome you with big hugs...

  8. oh, man. someone please write a crazy beard story/poem for 2010.

  9. I don't think anyone could top "Xyrophobic Me"...

  10. Oh, snap, and congratulations on your award Audri. You deserve it big...