party like a sephardi

i bought a pocket-sized green moleskine that smells like chlorine and sex dolls.

a man in an israeli restaurant all but offered to be my sugar daddy.

i dreamed it was 321 degrees outside which is not far from the current temperature.
i dreamed i was sailing on sine waves. then on tectonic plates. then through downtown rome. the boat carved wakes in pavement. then salvador dali told me to join twitter.

currently inside:

- invisible cities, calvino
- columbia poetry review #22 (tao lin, dorothea lasky, noah eli gordon, joanne kyger, julia cohen, johannes goransson, gregory orr)
- a public space #8 (adrienne rich, mahmoud darwish, ben lerner)
- a shoegaze relapse; souvlaki by slowdive
- visiter by the dodos

currently want/excited:


heat delirium at the moment. polar shift. malfunction. considering sleeping under the riptide tonight. anemone pillows. ryan seacrest on fire.


zebras are reactionaries /// antelopes are missionaries

something tells me it's all happening at the ZOO
let's talk dirty to the animals


you are worth hundreds of sparrows

twice tried to see the perseids
twice fire obscured them
maybe october

watched lars and the real girl and liked it

listening to weather systems by andrew bird

someone gave me a voodoo bracelet with obscure black and white symbols on it. the bracelet may or may not be trying to kill me.

in print, currently inside these ---
zyzzyva (vispo issue), opium (infinity issue), tin house (appetites), redivider v.6.1 (thanks again, jason)

in electric, currently inside these ---
> kill author, PANK, the collagist, no
ö journal

if you are currently choking to death alone in your apartment and failing to self-heimlich against your desk, or if you are at a median point right now between an airplane and the ground and clinging to a laptop computer, you should read these words immediately and feel better ---

milk like a melted ghost by eric beeny @ abjective

xyrophobic me by mel bosworth @ PANK

downturn by stephen daniel lewis @ > kill author

gossamer by ben spivey @ > kill author

excerpt from human beings are toys by sam pink @ > kill author

important things to know about career girls by roxane gay @ > kill author

asdf;lkjadg;lkjxoimdfsv;slkerjowhbgs;lkcfff just read all of > kill author already

at the end of this story three months will pass by crispin best @
noö journal

sammy by jason jordan @ PANK

if you are choking very slowly, or a birdcloud has fastened its beaks to you and begun flapping its wings very hard, i highly recommend reading the above issues in their entirety because there is no lack of the what that is found in the where. ideally i hope neither of those things is happening in your direction. i hope you are safe and do not have to share your bed with spiders tonight and that someone is combing honey through your hair.


i go through pairs of headphones more frequently than tanks of gasoline

last night the lesbian ghost who haunts my shower came back. she is only there when i take a shower at two in the morning. she tilts her head and stares. she is maybe more curious than a lesbian. i offered to play scrabble with her but she just kept watching me.

i think everyone should read life as a crossword puzzle by noah falck. it is layered, it is enigmatic, it is linguistically and conceptually beautiful. there are little ohios inside. you can get a copy via a link in the margin of his blog.

also recently enjoyed mlkng sckls by justin sirois. it is inventive, it is original, it is beautiful the way a sunsetting desert is beautiful. there is snowing coconut, there are solar systems in the backyard, there is survival, there is uncooking. the latter is among my favourite unhappenings since war in reverse.

i am still excited about light boxes. i have been telling people who do not even read to read light boxes. people on social networking websites. people in supermarket aisles who are not walt whitman. the complete strangers who populate my sleep and live inside giant tulips with tentacles. homeless toothless men who play purple haze on banjos. i feel compelled to paint kites on myself and remind people of what to remember.

generally i think of art as highly private and most potent in isolation. good art is too mystical to involve other people. at least in the moment of processing it. maybe that is why people invented books and mixtapes and headphones. if someone walks in on you experiencing good art it should feel as though you had been masturbating. the potency is in isolation. and yet i think good art necessitates resurfacing, telling other people about it. maybe because it feels selfish and withholding to be alone in the experience. even that does not seem an accurate enough reason. what drives the impulse to share experience?


dear adam robinson / adam robison / adam robitussin

i think california needs to be reads. we are illiterate out here.
i would be happy to contribute scotch tape and urban exploration
california could be the next sufjan stevens album of literature

sincerely / audi suzuki

also /// delayed

relatively new decomp
relatively new elimae
relatively new ghoti
and great menagerie-al things will happen here soon

happy shark week friday


sub-lit. goodreads. funnels.

j. michael wahlgren kindly added speak easy symmetry on goodreads. i love that february has an account there and is trying to clear his name.

5 poems in the new SUB-LIT. themes include haunted pianos and cosmonauts-turned-island-castaways.

i had a dream about funnels.
i smell of coffee today.