you are worth hundreds of sparrows

twice tried to see the perseids
twice fire obscured them
maybe october

watched lars and the real girl and liked it

listening to weather systems by andrew bird

someone gave me a voodoo bracelet with obscure black and white symbols on it. the bracelet may or may not be trying to kill me.

in print, currently inside these ---
zyzzyva (vispo issue), opium (infinity issue), tin house (appetites), redivider v.6.1 (thanks again, jason)

in electric, currently inside these ---
> kill author, PANK, the collagist, no
ö journal

if you are currently choking to death alone in your apartment and failing to self-heimlich against your desk, or if you are at a median point right now between an airplane and the ground and clinging to a laptop computer, you should read these words immediately and feel better ---

milk like a melted ghost by eric beeny @ abjective

xyrophobic me by mel bosworth @ PANK

downturn by stephen daniel lewis @ > kill author

gossamer by ben spivey @ > kill author

excerpt from human beings are toys by sam pink @ > kill author

important things to know about career girls by roxane gay @ > kill author

asdf;lkjadg;lkjxoimdfsv;slkerjowhbgs;lkcfff just read all of > kill author already

at the end of this story three months will pass by crispin best @
noö journal

sammy by jason jordan @ PANK

if you are choking very slowly, or a birdcloud has fastened its beaks to you and begun flapping its wings very hard, i highly recommend reading the above issues in their entirety because there is no lack of the what that is found in the where. ideally i hope neither of those things is happening in your direction. i hope you are safe and do not have to share your bed with spiders tonight and that someone is combing honey through your hair.


  1. Hi Audri, thanks for the shout-out. You're right, those other pieces are all great, especially Crispin Best's and Sam Pink's and Ben Spivey's. Word.

  2. BOOP BOP! Yes, thank you for shouting out. My ears are still ringing.

    love and love.


  3. Audri,

    Seriously thanks for the mention. You made my night.

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  5. thank you for the link, audri! crispin's story is awesome and the title font is one of my favorites in the issue, i think

  6. this is nice
    thanks everyone
    i will cuddle you

    i only just saw the title of this post
    such a nice song