gold wake

i have an electronic chapbook up at gold wake press called speak easy symmetry. definitely check out some of the other collections there if you are inclined. or even if you are level. i like eric beeny's wounded rainbows, j.a. tyler's when the height of you outreaches me, kristina marie darling's opera: prose poems, j. michael wahlgren's modern candy, andrew borgstrom's people i haven't seen in years that i will attempt to eat lunch with next week. i am happy to have something alongside the likes of these authors.

also enjoyed david peak's poetry series at pangur ban. i like when a lot of distance is traveled in a small amount of space. i like when movement outweighs thing.

halfway through pear noir! #2 and it is ace. such a great and varied collection of talented writers.

often feel confused about whether creating is supposed to necessitate critiquing. also wonder whether sharing and dialoguing about creating is a natural part of emotional survival.

beginning to have recurring lucid dreams involving lightswitches which then cease to be lucid and quickly devolve into more quietly apocalyptic things.

i won something here and am excited. thanks, jason. you are wicked awesome for doing these.

met jarvis cocker monday night. he had drawn eyes on his palms and performed what appeared to be a dance interpretation of a scene from pan's labyrinth.

poisoning myself with television lately. i had replaced the void left by six feet under with big love and dexter and am now replacing the void left by the latter two with weeds. tomorrow i will be watching reverend al sharpton and ann coulter fight with knives.


zygote, atlas scorched, boxes of light, staples, porn

two poems at zygote in my coffee. one about ice cream and death, the other an ekphrasis of a dream i had wherein gandhi and einstein make slow love.

for some reason nothing but solid winter keeps coming out my pores and mouth. my body doesn't know it is summer and i don't have a calendar i can hold and point to in front of my body. i drank the ouzo in the fridge but before doing that i set the glass on the counter and stared at the milk cloud that happens when you add water. i am not a traditionalist. i just wanted to see a chemical reaction.

book news is reverberating. blake butler's novel scorch atlas can be pre-purchased here. you can see him rape and set fire to his own book here then partially ingest his book here. ever was an experience unlike anything and i devoured it. i expect to do the same with scorch atlas. afterward however i will treat it kindly. maybe pour champagne on it.

shane jones's gorgeous light boxes is being adapted for film by spike jonze and ray tintori. on hearing this i said oh my god mantrically for several minutes. i danced a little. i dreamed about shane jones and electricity and woke with the chorus of ready, able in my head. i plan on leaving my cave to attend the premiere. i want to be there when hollywood is (tenderly) violated by independent literature.

i like getting things in the mail with staple qualms. staple qualms are sexy.

you can view reverence, art and porn courtesy of pear noir! here. i will say the porn is the most riveting porn i have ever viewed. i am glad pear noir! is no longer suicidal.


word // riot

4 poems in word riot. excited to be in the company of j.a. tyler, brandi wells and tirumal mundargi, among others. brandi wells has a badass piece in decomp by the way. plus you can play the what parts of my bio are still true? game. kind of embarrassing. kind of notorious for outdated bios. i would not be surprised if the next one alludes to the recent reagan election. if i am honest this one is still true. except i cannot watch the situation room in its current time slot and california will not be on fire again until next month.


david lynch brand coffee

dreamed up honeycombs and doorjambs last night. have been out of town. visited a nice institution called book soup and spent all my money on litmags. missed david lynch by two days. was distressed by this. there was a display for david lynch coffee cups (see below) built by david lynch and his son. witnessed an aristocrat car crash outside this institution. took photographs of graffiti warning of robot invasion. stopped and asked a star map vendor how to get to alpha centauri. have cultivated an obsession with this american life. and anything else within three degrees of separation from philip glass. will have the place to myself for 9 days. debauchery, voodoo orgies, pyromania, reading will follow. still need to submit things. still feel insecure about them. have an interview soon. self-induced neurosis. will submit things after the interview. a fuller maybe or more patient maybe return to literary themes will follow after 24 hours.

good words lately:

toast by darby larson at keyhole. the way i love this is by cutting with scissors a hole in the bottom of my heart. not sure how else to make room for the infinite. read this now.

barry graham's minimize me; i'd be terrible in ex cathedra, page 71. holy fuck.

new pank. ethel rohan, xtx, ricky garni, more goodness.

new clockwise cat. eric beeny, adam moorad, luis cuauhtemoc berriozabal, peycho kanev, more goodness.

new jmww. justin sirois, jac jemc, james iredell, meg pokrass, j.a. tyler, non-stop train of goodness.

eat hell by joseph mattson from narrow books. a $5 injection of goodness. a bonus being how infernally tasty is its wallpaper.

i need to re-learn how to speak and shake hands and say positive things about myself. not sure why these behaviours are encouraged.


nice try esperanto & moments of levity

dante alighieri was like bitch please and saved this post from the throes of HTML hell.

esperanto sounds predominantly like italian to me. esperanto was a nice try. here is something at dogzplot about language. i think of it as kind of a b-side.

update: the WHOLE summer issue is up and looking fresh and like it could smell of star anise if you get close enough. so far i really like this story by christina kapp.

i like piffle. and the people who contribute therein.

unscroll #2 from gold wake press is alive and looks great. excited to wade in. work from molly gaudry, eric burke, ben spivey, j.a. tyler, cl bledsoe, and eric beeny.

i am starting to have dreams about other writers. usually my dreams are not populated by people i know. or people. i dreamed i was writing an email to ryan manning. i dreamed i was inside a storyscape written by shane jones but not a storyscape already written by shane jones in reality. i dreamed i was talking with linh dinh in a green room before a poetry reading. probably better than paralysis and black holes.

i get emails from the 'paymint
depertment' saying 'your email id been choosen to recieve a grant prize'. which makes me less skeptical about things.

i have been lent an obscure CD by an east german band from the 80s. a sampling of their song titles: (track 3) taitschi-tarot, (track 6) born in xixax, (track 7) iki maska, and (track 9) cosma shiva. a sampling of lyrics from iki maska: KOMM IKI MASKA LENS GO ZACK ZISCH / LET'S DO THE SPLIT AND I SHIT ON IT / SAGE ICH HA HA HA HA.

i have been mailed a nice postcard from brighton, england.

haven't really submitted anywhere lately. having a pre-self-disqualification stint.

have taken to sudoku puzzles as a zen activity.

need a haircut and an island.


glow into you i will glow

popping tart cherries everywhere and spitting out their knotted stems. popped my saving-lives-with-the-heimlich cherry over the weekend then popped my sleep paralysis/lucid dream cherry last night. there was a black hole and the magnetism hurt. it sucked versions of my room and the dream i was having out the window. felt like resurfacing from miles deep underwater and contracting the bends. today i have a headache.

newness from mud luscious and decomp. great work by meg pokrass, david peak, brandi wells, rauan klassnik, peycho kanev, ethel rohan, and crispin best, among many other snazzy people.

attracted to this pineapple tree cityscape by
max kauffman

received a field of colors by charles lennox in the mail and it is stunning. highly attracted to the line about killer whale teeth in 'ladle cupped palms'. the field coexists alongside time markers like 'week' and 'saturday afternoon' and 'days pass' but swallows their linearity and creates its own logic and structure. the field is like a tangent universe or a quilt of sewn memory and experience. at the same time the people and things inhabiting and taking root in the field make it attached and tender and the words are bright and ripe. as i read it i was saying yes repeatedly. not sure whether copies are still available but maybe harass j.a. tyler or charles. it is entirely worth it.

the read some words editorial posse kindly sent me a tea packet with a peach and a pink swan on it and arabic words that say shay al-wazah. arabic and other semitic languages are good if you are left-handed. the peach is 5 times larger than the pink swan. more importantly, they sent me read some words which smells and feels nice and is aesthetically pleasing and features nice groups of words and pixel portraits of its contributors who are michael sambar, dj berndt, tr castillo, ben brooks, michael hessel-mial, ryan manning, david fishkind, adam showalter, zachary zimmerman, jeffrey becklund, cj krueger, and adam coates. i will be requiting the sending of foreign tea to said editorial posse.

july zygote. bradley sands, xtx, more snazzy.

and this issue of ocho
is loaded with the best minds of my generation

this post is in HTML hell. is it even legible outside my computer? are there links to aquatic animal porn interspersed throughout? if so i am sorry sometimes that happens when i try to speak