nice try esperanto & moments of levity

dante alighieri was like bitch please and saved this post from the throes of HTML hell.

esperanto sounds predominantly like italian to me. esperanto was a nice try. here is something at dogzplot about language. i think of it as kind of a b-side.

update: the WHOLE summer issue is up and looking fresh and like it could smell of star anise if you get close enough. so far i really like this story by christina kapp.

i like piffle. and the people who contribute therein.

unscroll #2 from gold wake press is alive and looks great. excited to wade in. work from molly gaudry, eric burke, ben spivey, j.a. tyler, cl bledsoe, and eric beeny.

i am starting to have dreams about other writers. usually my dreams are not populated by people i know. or people. i dreamed i was writing an email to ryan manning. i dreamed i was inside a storyscape written by shane jones but not a storyscape already written by shane jones in reality. i dreamed i was talking with linh dinh in a green room before a poetry reading. probably better than paralysis and black holes.

i get emails from the 'paymint
depertment' saying 'your email id been choosen to recieve a grant prize'. which makes me less skeptical about things.

i have been lent an obscure CD by an east german band from the 80s. a sampling of their song titles: (track 3) taitschi-tarot, (track 6) born in xixax, (track 7) iki maska, and (track 9) cosma shiva. a sampling of lyrics from iki maska: KOMM IKI MASKA LENS GO ZACK ZISCH / LET'S DO THE SPLIT AND I SHIT ON IT / SAGE ICH HA HA HA HA.

i have been mailed a nice postcard from brighton, england.

haven't really submitted anywhere lately. having a pre-self-disqualification stint.

have taken to sudoku puzzles as a zen activity.

need a haircut and an island.


  1. i'll try and write that story.

  2. ryan, you are welcome.

    shane, i would like that. usually when i forget dreams i will be doing something mundane during the day that triggers parts of them and it feels like deja vu. nothing triggered the shane jones storyscape so there must have been nothing mundane about it.

    eric, yes... yes... yes... you have words incoming.