traumatism & bjork

i am not as dead as i thought. i am not collected. i think i prefer communicating when uncollected. sometimes i have to wait for uncollection to happen and i fall into a debt of words with people. i owe a number of emails. i feel guilty. still in a cycle of reading and absorbing. currently obsessed with canada, bergman, oulipo, jungian theory, cinnamon, and not being a writer. lately i feel more like a painter, a vagabond and a terrorist.

instead of going to the doctor i remember my dreams. i fell asleep in the middle of wild strawberries and dreamed i was a mile offshore and treading wine. a piece of cork shaped like the moon floated past. i saw twins. i think vincent van gogh was there. i was pregnant. i couldn't decide whether to keep or abort the baby myself. there was blood. i ate a pomegranate.

on the note of hatching yolk, i used to have this on VHS. i remember a rhinoceros head, a naked cherub parade, sawing the leg off a piano full of cats. maybe everyone should be born on their own terms. maybe everyone should have a piano full of cats.

which reminds me of something entirely unrelated. lying poets, extroverted intuition and bjork deconstructing television.

i will be in LA this weekend. i will pack my gas mask. my clock is blinking but i prefer it that way. everything seems more urgent.


watch this space

collaborations can be healthy. this curious audio/visual one (between david lynch and sparklehorse and other good people but mostly david lynch and sparklehorse) has me excited. ripe yolk can hatch.

i succeeded at being a daughter today.

i have something that is not about loneliness up at dogzplot. even cooler things there by nicolle elizabeth, roxane gay, drew kalbach, stefanie freele, paul silverman, robert a. dollesin, and cindy a. littlefield. i want to set that oxford comma on fire but i cannot doubt its necessity 100%.

and something i said on a saturday is now another something at the nuclear confectionery internet juggernaut that is cookiebomb. yes.



i thought we were here to talk about petroleum.


dogzplot flash anthology 09

i doubletook this and rubbed my eyes twice. look at all those beautiful people. i feel like part of the sideshow (yak woman, burlesque puppeteer, calypso juggler, or tarot reader probably) at a circus with some fantastic headlining acts. i am thrilled to share a tent with these virtuosic lion tamers, cannon fliers and trapeze artists. in the interim, the popcorn is good out here in the margins, though a bearded man in a wizard hat is trying to guess my weight and have sex with me. also the cover artwork by christy call is fantastic. i highly recommend consuming this. thanks barry graham!


brain scabs, breadcrumb scabs

i keep becoming awake with a headache and nosebleed. this has happened for five consecutive days. maybe i have a brain tumour. or swine flu. i have a theory lou dobbs invented swine flu because he is a scaremonger and bioterrorist. i am 73% serious. someone spoke to me and my brain produced an image of mary poppins and dick van dyke dancing on chalk drawings. i am convinced this is a symptom of brain tumour. i will see a voodoo witch doctor.

the may issue of breadcrumb scabs is live. it features work by maude larke, dawn dupler, casey pfeiffer, jason fisk, emma prestwich, patricia murphy, david brennan, brian brown, debrenee adkisson, danielle jackson, joshua bouchard and myself. there is a precocious looking child on the cover, by daniel de cullá. i have something in it which features shoutouts to cat power and jeff mangum, and the fundamental difference between baby boomers and generation y. read the entire issue in PDF here or order it here. i enjoyed everything in it. my thanks to lena judith drake for stitching this goodness together.

my copy of kathryn regina's i am in the air right now arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. greying ghost puts together some of the finest chapbooks i have seen. kathryn regina puts together some of the finest words i have seen. i support this collaboration. i support buying it.

how is it may already

i dig my nails into the year and claw myself fresh out of cartilage but the year is slippery or made of wet noodles and if rock is sedimentary then balance is not easy. if rock is sedimentary a person can be weightless and bloodied by its criminality. gravitation is easy if you do not look down. the problem with humanity is looking down. a person can be thrown clearer than rivers without moons to unzip them goodnight. i will be okay in fact this vantage is less asthmatic and this home does not have walls but at least it is all in one piece.

i live my life while asleep
and am currently refusing to live my life
how is it may already