watch this space

collaborations can be healthy. this curious audio/visual one (between david lynch and sparklehorse and other good people but mostly david lynch and sparklehorse) has me excited. ripe yolk can hatch.

i succeeded at being a daughter today.

i have something that is not about loneliness up at dogzplot. even cooler things there by nicolle elizabeth, roxane gay, drew kalbach, stefanie freele, paul silverman, robert a. dollesin, and cindy a. littlefield. i want to set that oxford comma on fire but i cannot doubt its necessity 100%.

and something i said on a saturday is now another something at the nuclear confectionery internet juggernaut that is cookiebomb. yes.


  1. i could read a 100 page continuation of that dogzplot piece and be happy.

  2. thanks david. i am a fan of the words coming out of yourself so this makes me happy. and i need to order myself some ghost factory soon.