glow into you i will glow

popping tart cherries everywhere and spitting out their knotted stems. popped my saving-lives-with-the-heimlich cherry over the weekend then popped my sleep paralysis/lucid dream cherry last night. there was a black hole and the magnetism hurt. it sucked versions of my room and the dream i was having out the window. felt like resurfacing from miles deep underwater and contracting the bends. today i have a headache.

newness from mud luscious and decomp. great work by meg pokrass, david peak, brandi wells, rauan klassnik, peycho kanev, ethel rohan, and crispin best, among many other snazzy people.

attracted to this pineapple tree cityscape by
max kauffman

received a field of colors by charles lennox in the mail and it is stunning. highly attracted to the line about killer whale teeth in 'ladle cupped palms'. the field coexists alongside time markers like 'week' and 'saturday afternoon' and 'days pass' but swallows their linearity and creates its own logic and structure. the field is like a tangent universe or a quilt of sewn memory and experience. at the same time the people and things inhabiting and taking root in the field make it attached and tender and the words are bright and ripe. as i read it i was saying yes repeatedly. not sure whether copies are still available but maybe harass j.a. tyler or charles. it is entirely worth it.

the read some words editorial posse kindly sent me a tea packet with a peach and a pink swan on it and arabic words that say shay al-wazah. arabic and other semitic languages are good if you are left-handed. the peach is 5 times larger than the pink swan. more importantly, they sent me read some words which smells and feels nice and is aesthetically pleasing and features nice groups of words and pixel portraits of its contributors who are michael sambar, dj berndt, tr castillo, ben brooks, michael hessel-mial, ryan manning, david fishkind, adam showalter, zachary zimmerman, jeffrey becklund, cj krueger, and adam coates. i will be requiting the sending of foreign tea to said editorial posse.

july zygote. bradley sands, xtx, more snazzy.

and this issue of ocho
is loaded with the best minds of my generation

this post is in HTML hell. is it even legible outside my computer? are there links to aquatic animal porn interspersed throughout? if so i am sorry sometimes that happens when i try to speak

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