gold wake

i have an electronic chapbook up at gold wake press called speak easy symmetry. definitely check out some of the other collections there if you are inclined. or even if you are level. i like eric beeny's wounded rainbows, j.a. tyler's when the height of you outreaches me, kristina marie darling's opera: prose poems, j. michael wahlgren's modern candy, andrew borgstrom's people i haven't seen in years that i will attempt to eat lunch with next week. i am happy to have something alongside the likes of these authors.

also enjoyed david peak's poetry series at pangur ban. i like when a lot of distance is traveled in a small amount of space. i like when movement outweighs thing.

halfway through pear noir! #2 and it is ace. such a great and varied collection of talented writers.

often feel confused about whether creating is supposed to necessitate critiquing. also wonder whether sharing and dialoguing about creating is a natural part of emotional survival.

beginning to have recurring lucid dreams involving lightswitches which then cease to be lucid and quickly devolve into more quietly apocalyptic things.

i won something here and am excited. thanks, jason. you are wicked awesome for doing these.

met jarvis cocker monday night. he had drawn eyes on his palms and performed what appeared to be a dance interpretation of a scene from pan's labyrinth.

poisoning myself with television lately. i had replaced the void left by six feet under with big love and dexter and am now replacing the void left by the latter two with weeds. tomorrow i will be watching reverend al sharpton and ann coulter fight with knives.


  1. Great work, Audri.

    And a little television is okay, if administored in heavy doses.

  2. Speak Easy Symmetry is beautiful. I'm reading it again.

  3. Congrats! I like those fellas over that at Gold Wake, yes.

  4. eric, thanks. i am trying not to become a complete CNN/HBO whore. not with much success though.

    jessica, thank you kindly. and i noticed you are a mandolin aficionada. this is a beautiful thing. cheers

    molly, thanks again and i concur. they are decidedly awesome.