party like a sephardi

i bought a pocket-sized green moleskine that smells like chlorine and sex dolls.

a man in an israeli restaurant all but offered to be my sugar daddy.

i dreamed it was 321 degrees outside which is not far from the current temperature.
i dreamed i was sailing on sine waves. then on tectonic plates. then through downtown rome. the boat carved wakes in pavement. then salvador dali told me to join twitter.

currently inside:

- invisible cities, calvino
- columbia poetry review #22 (tao lin, dorothea lasky, noah eli gordon, joanne kyger, julia cohen, johannes goransson, gregory orr)
- a public space #8 (adrienne rich, mahmoud darwish, ben lerner)
- a shoegaze relapse; souvlaki by slowdive
- visiter by the dodos

currently want/excited:


heat delirium at the moment. polar shift. malfunction. considering sleeping under the riptide tonight. anemone pillows. ryan seacrest on fire.


  1. the dodos don't do it for me. you like?

  2. guilty. i do like visiter. though not a fan of the new album that just released. i think sparsity was what they had going. the dodos are kind of the dry skeletons of animal collective, so i can see how they wouldn't work for some. i have however kept 'the season' on repeat for days now. it is becoming unhealthy.

  3. hm. maybe i'll give the dodos another try. maybe.

  4. either way it's all good. that beard of yours may require more badassity anyway. i imagine it stumbling home bloodied after a rammstein concert.