drums, unscroll, ken jennings

my current gmail session displays this advertisement in the margin:

sleep apnea? play a didgeridoo.

there is a busker who plays didgeridoo and hang drums on the santa monica pier. he wears corduroy and birkenstocks. he also has a business card and a lexus.
i do not know whether he has sleep apnea.

this is a hang drum when it is breathing

there may or may not be dirt in the yerba mate i bought. nice fertile dirt full of bones and clay pots and other debris from civilizations built over. i wonder if this is what happens to fair trade in a bad economy. in lieu of money, compensate farmers with the water they would have otherwise used to clean the dirt off their product.

was wanting to delve into murakami for quite a while so i bought kafka on the shore.

sometimes i think about font. i think about it being a factor in the amount of attention i give certain words. i think words behave differently depending on what clothes they are wearing. words dressed in courier look like balloon animals. they are less dense, somehow allowing time to savour sound. they look like they live in refrigerator boxes and scream at intervals about endorphin bursts. lately i am giving arial doubt benefits. i think of arial as the lingua franca of online literature. it is best worn under flannel and probably sold at american apparel. do you enter different mindframes, or write differently, depending on font? do you have a weapon of choice? does font even matter?

unscroll numero trois is alive. the words there are dressed in times new roman and carry cocaine, percocet and dynamite in their briefcases. i am happy to have something there alongside andrew borgstrom, michael bernstein, jeff crouch, alex stolis, ben spivey, david peak, eric burke, jeanette marie sayers, and none other than cooper renner.

big fan of gargling cinderblocks by eric beeny. it is portmantotal magic. if you are asthmatic or infertile, reading this could cure that.

PANK is looking dapper. check out its makeover and september issue. it features teeth-kicking pieces by brandi wells, cami park and frank dahai, among many others.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Audri. Murakami's pretty great. I remember watching this Jeopardy episode the night it aired. Really funny...

  2. Kafka on the Shore is a wonderful book. I read it a couple of months ago. The last 100 pages are perfect. Enjoy.

  3. Oh hell, I could go on about font. You're right to have doubt issues about Arial--she has bastard child psychological issues because her father, Ol' Helvi, won't have anything to do with her. Hel has his own life to live - he's a highly sought after dude - without having to worry about that night when he got coked out of his incongruous lower-case A and dappled his descenders with Microsoft.

    Font matters much.