i dreamed i was skiing pregnant
i woke with blood on my pillow

i bought honey, acai,
acetaminophen, two lemons for the ill
read half of scorch atlas in a hospital parking lot
the hospital was under construction
the scaffolding was a monster's skeleton
its horns were elevator shafts in the future
this was when i realized
there is no one left in this town
who remembers the tact needed to speak to water

today i did not mistake tethered bear traps
for shoes

ankles will heal

let ferment the weathered objects

no engagements today
no people
just the only three kinds of leaves
of which one is paper

i have an idea for a literary magazine. but i think it would consume time i do not have pocketed to spend. i will invent harder about it.

i think caspian may be delayed until winter/early 2010 while bedouin books undergoes various metamorphoses. in the interim one day there will be nothing to show that we were ever here by scott alexander jones is out. i quite like this title.

some lately favourites:

- wood by shane jones
- a boy by lauren becker
- this by j.a. tyler
- this by keith nathan brown

meet me in montauk


  1. hi audri, thanks for your nice post yesterday about my interview. i'd love to tangle with lou dobbs.