wild things

i dreamed the sea was made of polaroids, and in each polaroid was an eye, so that the sea was blinking by the million. when the waves washed ashore they were little glass piles of laminated paper. i was happy watching the polaroid waves but felt sad for them because they rolled with so much verve and form in the sea and seemed to just quietly collapse/die when they beached. a wave rolled in and i looked down at it. the polaroids flickered in and out of light like the individual squares of television snow, the eyes still blinking around my ankles. i woke up craving a burrito and with a flaming lips song in my head.

i have something up at juked. i am humbled to appear among some really fantastic people there.

john madera has compiled an obscenely epic novella list from recommendations by many cool people. this might take a while.

i like having a president who reads where the wild things are. i like having a president who can read at all.

on the topic of wild things, there is this:

maurice sendak + dave eggers + spike jonze + arcade fire. there is cause to be excited.


  1. the asian larry king.

    there is nothing i would like more.
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