warehouse eyes, arabian drums

i have a very small something in the april elimae. basically, cooper renner is amazing. said issue is a sweet sweet burlesque, lush with good company. it feels exotic to me. like opening your mouth and expecting coconut. it smacks of sandalwood. i like the tirumal mundargi story a lot. i love the penultimate line in jimmy chen's story, and the rest of it equally so (also looking forward to his book typewriter forthcoming from magic helicopter press). i love the ben mirov story, kimberly ruth's poem, howie good's poem, elizabeth ellen's story, dave erlewine's story. j.a. tyler's story is beautiful in its own tongue and in the way the words leaf and page are entangled, like how in some languages other than english those two things share one word. i love noah falck's poem. and i got to practice my arabic (eric nusbaum).

the april word riot is live. good things to surround and engulf there. dirty dirty amoebas.

i preordered kathryn regina's i am in the air right now. i am excited. i get paid soon and will go on another small book binge. maybe soon i will either need to sell organs and eggs on ebay or move to the shantytown in sacramento to support my addictions.

i had other words but forgot how they should sound when they emerge. or i forgot how to make them. my tonsils are little volcanoes sometimes. scheduled maintenance outage.


  1. I enjoyed your piece as well - it has a nice balance - quick and light but still brooding. good words.

  2. this means a lot or makes me happy. thank you. you amaze.