i did divide by zero, and i erased my math

i have had some green wine.

i have something up at the new DOGZPLOT. it's about fuck the po-lice and fuck punctuation while we're at it. the rest of the flash and the new issue is brilliant. i like j.a. tyler's story very much. i like the michelle reale, verless doran, elizabeth ellen, brian allen carr and ben tanzer stories a lot. i like the jay snodgrass poem very much. the entire thing is fantastic. barry graham runs a tight visigothic ship over there which consistently rapes and pillages my brain. i am happy because a small box from powell's books arrived containing barry's book the national virginity pledge, along with other tasty things (by j.a. tyler, shane jones, blake butler, ellen kennedy, david foster wallace, etc.), the absence of which were making me a philistine. there are wonderful chapbooks forthcoming, including kathryn regina's from greying ghost, and i am preparing a small list for round two. this is why i cannot afford a cat.

i have also been shamelessly stalking matthias svalina's napowrimo blog about how to become a very productive entrepreneur. i go through periods of flux between desiring to do nothing but write and desiring to do nothing but read. i currently find myself in the latter period which is probably ultimately better for western civilization.

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