got a poison headache but i feel all right

  • feels like my glasses are splitting my eyes chien andalou style. i had a dream once with a scene exactly like the eyeball scene in un chien andalou except it was a black opaque contact lens inserted into my eye which bisected the eye and the lens was a new hallucinogenic drug and my vision became pixels and people were laughing together. then there was a meeting of seraphs at a table and the other seraphs swarmed and set fire to the seraph at the head of the table and he turned to a pile of ash on the floor and a woman was sweeping the ash out the front door. the occasional passerby was glancing in with piqued interest. this happened in a coffee shop or something.
  • i've just made falafel and severely burned myself
  • i like how the vacation prize on wheel of fortune is always either in hurricane alley or a site of ongoing drug war and political upheaval. ways i am too senile for my generation? 1) i watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune instead of going out. 2) i still have no idea how an RSS feed works. i'm still trying to figure out whether it's something you download or a virus or if it's made of cassette tape and copper twine or if it's in fact something you eat
  • vague thoughts of should i get a twitter account? mild thoughts of no, increased social anxiety. yet temptingly devoid of unsolicited animated glitter cat valentine greetings from annoying bitches. and chuck palahniuk has one?
  • pronounced thoughts of why is there a tornado outside and am i on fire?
  • cats are the ultimate literary accessory. i think i need one
  • good weather for airstrikes. maybe i will go to the sea

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  1. thank you.

    may you be well and hearty in constitution.

    please be happy and safe.