if i am honest i really don't want to be found

i was rejected by gigantic and mcsweeney's. this is the part where i pull a jac jemc.

i enjoy mcsweeney's regardless and gigantic is going to be great. possibly also gigantic. last night i heard a spaceship humming through the bed coils. relative obscurity is safe. i just saw a bird burst into flames. this is because the poles are shifting because it's the age of aquarius or something. i'm really liking everything at the march elimae. sarah mirza, krammer abrahams, ravi mangla and j.a. tyler particularly. but everything really.

someone told me if i like bergman i need to see kurasawa, so i am looking at copies of ran and ikiru. i think i am more drawn to ikiru. i have circuitous thought patterns and bad memory. i will die before fifty. or if i don't, at the first sign of decrepitude i will attempt to scale everest without a bungee cord or jump from a plane without a parachute.

salar de uyuni looks like the last scene in the truman show. i want to go to there.

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