the next night we ate whale

i have a couple things up at abjective. an ongoing thanks to the awesome darby larson. i also received a nice email today from juked saying something of mine was accepted and should be up in a few weeks.

introductions are worse than endings. also i am incredibly socially awkward. so i am going to treat this as neither. i am going to treat this as a continuation.

i do not have vanity license plates. i like an economy that says to its graduates,
hey kids, shoot for the gutter. i think barack obama is the hottest american president ever. i think eugene hutz is the hottest victim of radiation exposure ever. i am the jungian shadow of civilization. i will be paying off student loans for the rest of my life. i don't answer telephones. one life goal of mine is to become an insane deaf pianist in kathmandu. another is to become a slumlord. once i was hospitalized after discovering firsthand that drinking twelve cups of tea in a five-hour period is the rough equivalent of a hefty dose of crack. then i hallucinated a hobbit with a swastika carved into his forehead. sometimes i go months without returning correspondence. sometimes i feel phantom guilt. i am not part of the clique. i don't ever shut up about music. it is possible to orgasm from music. hello i am me.

i enjoy and casually stalk the blogs of some people who post at HTML giant. i'm also loving the artwork by anna pate currently on the front page at decomp. it could be a neutral milk hotel album cover. i would also be happy with a print of it.

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