jerome david

dreamed a submarine wreck & bear fetus in a petri dish
it hurt to have the bends

so long
& thanks for all the bananafish

days are now swirling aloud with cancer
i now bathe during thunderstorms
congress is still a glorified fraternity house

here are some objects i adore enough to keep in my bed
& wake strangled, bleeding & with indentations of them on my face

{first year}, mlp
i is to vorticism, ben mirov
play, mathias svalina
cheap headphones

six feet under season five

lately when i think of writing i visualize this

watching a lot of early conan
listening to a lot of neil young
rereading, refalling for we take me apart


new my name is mud
new series (pl.) @ pangur ban
this by eric beeny
believe my poorly-constructed yet sincere blurb and buy this
everything all of the time @ pank


  1. R.I.P. Salinger and Zinn...

    "[C]ongress is still a glorified fraternity house" indeed...

    I like your blurb...

  2. just read i is to vorticism a few days ago. fell madly in love with it.

    your blurb rules. i am a better person for it. thank you.

  3. I need to read I is to Vorticism. I should go buy mine now. :)

  4. you're something else
    and by something else i mean everything ever