binge & pear noir! & nano

i have been paid which means book binge. also there was that elephant chariot and monocle i wanted to buy.

i have a(n) (overdue) list which includes

the failure six - shane jones
adam robison and other poems - adam robinson
one hour of television - kristina born
prose. poems. a novel. - jamie iredell


pear noir! #3 is on the launch pad frothing. i get tourettes twitches reading the lineup. thank you daniel, patty & eileen for inviting me along for the ride.

NANO # 3.1 is also cracking its way out of the jesus egg. read this by jimmy chen. preorder a copy here.


  1. I really love your pieces in the Dogzplot antho. Looking forward to reading a lot more from you in the days, weeks, months, years ahead.

  2. Exactly what Molly said. I'm big looking forward to sharing some ink with you, Audri...