today is saturday and i have done nothing i said i would

something about antiperspirants and endings at dogzplot. other things i like by ethel rohan, brendan o'brien, dawn corrigan, mike whitney, eric beeny, david peak, and michael j. solender. read and exhale.

currently in many limbos. occupational, locational. thinking about film, newspaper shards, fruit pulp as paint, music composition, microwaves, things more fickle than microwaves. increased apathy being directed toward time as a concept and as a threat.

wrote a small story about owls and outpatient surgical procedures.

74% of the total population is people with a sensing preference on the myers-briggs scale. 26% of the total population is people with an intuitive preference. in mainstream society linearities are more appropriate. literality, minute details, chronological sequences of events are more appropriate.
inane banter is always more appropriate. sometimes this makes me socially inept in a drugstore checkout line.

i am wearing a ring made of thunderclouds.


  1. hey audri. thx for the nod. come visit at:


  2. hello michael. certainly and consider it done. your dogzplot story was fantastic. i read it multiple times, the last two with a little vodka inside me. cheers

  3. Great story, Audri. "...freckle constellations..." That's great.

  4. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

  5. thanks eric. i thought yours was awesome and responded over at dogzplot. cheers your way also

    freudian slip & slide

  6. felt good to be side by side with you, audri.

    hope it happens again soon.

  7. david, the feeling is definitely requited. doubleplusloved your regal story and poems at kill author.