pank, gloom cupboard, a post made of names; cardinal directions were invented when the world was still flat

cardinal directions make me start to feel sick because one where tries to be more west than another where. cassette tapes are better obsoletes and better absolutes. i want to fire cassette tapes from cannons as meteorites and people will look at their melting plastic through telescopes, the spools unraveling as liquid licorice. when the cassette husks land, smoldering, they will still play.

i can't tell whether i've pulled a muscle or my heart is beating

been operating under a delay. iranian youth are rioting. polvo is resurrecting.

new things in gloom cupboard and pank. read the june issue of pank in its entirety here. it features some amazing work by summer block, mark budman, kevin brown, john farmer, heather fowler, katherine grosjean, caitlin johnson, tim jones-yelvington, sarah layden, laura lehew, sara faye lieber, cortney mclellan, laura marello, daniel pinkerton, emily rosko, kowshik sarangan, shappy seasholtz and robert swartwood. also recommend checking out the pank blog. also editor roxane gay has a badass piece in dogzplot.

people are shedding bright glassy words all over the place. some i have enjoyed lately :::

shane jones's avocado scratch-and-sniff poem at abjective.

eric beeny's story snowing fireflies at willows wept made me forget to breathe in the best possible way.

i think j.a. tyler's when we take off our heads at pangur ban party is phenomenal. his style has an effect on me similar to philip glass or steve reich. there are little somethings like movements and variations to his work. nuances and refrains. hypnotic maybe. mathematical maybe. he does something unique with words in play. i think my favourites are 3, 6, 7 and 8. everything at pangur ban party is solid plusgood. read the whole back catalogue if you feel so inclined.

the inaugural issue of kill author (roland barthes) is packed to the gills. i love the body of the tennis player by david peak and the end is easy, where do we start by barry graham. the issue also features ani smith, howie good, ethel rohan, j.a. tyler, mel bosworth, xtx, and sara crowley, among other cool people.

also intrigued by the read some words chapbook, featuring ryan manning, dj berndt, adam coates, adam showalter, david fishkind, ben brooks, michael hessel-mial, t.r. castillo, michael sambar, and jeffrey becklund. yesterday the casino/reptile zoo took my money so the apparent freeness of it is a good match.


  1. good blog colors and design. i dig it.

  2. Audri, thanks for the shout-out. It made me happy.

    I'm loving "Percent" big.

    Congratulations, too, on the forthcoming chap.

    And you didn't pull a muscle--it is your heart beating, it just hurts sometimes...

  3. Thanks for the mentions. I too enjoyed the first kill author issue. Lots of nice stuff there. I also thought your pieces at Gloom Cupboard were so beautiful and strange.

  4. Thanks for the kind mention--I really appreciate it, and look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers.

  5. Also thanks for the mention. I have lots of bodies inside my computer. And I totally agree with you about JA's WWTOOH. I've read it like seven times just for the rhythm. Damn.

  6. as: thanks for posting a little something about WWTOOH. I really appreciate it (thanks to dp for seconding). really liked your pieces in PANK too - the first was especially nice and thick. congrats.

  7. thanks everyone. i quite appreciate it. you all are amazing and your comments have made this post 89% sexier.